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Island Consulting Timeshares
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About Our Prices…

We're asked a lot of times how we are able to get our pricing at such low figures. While, for competitive reasons, we obviously can not go into all of our secrets, we will share with you our basic philosophies. First, we sell only quality. There's an old saying that goes something like, "The pleasure of low price fades quickly with the frustration of poor quality". And timeshares are no exception. There are good timeshares and there are bad timeshares. Second, we seek out special situations. This might be a timeshare resort that needs help with marketing. We can put together packages for them that will quickly move a lot of their inventory with very little or no cost to them. This allows us extraordinary discounts from the regular selling price. All these savings we pass on to you. We may also purchase large blocks of timeshares to accomplish the same goal: low pricing and high quality. Very high volume means we can afford to sell at low prices. This is one reason many of our customers have purchased from us over and over again. We also look for distress sales. These can be the results of divorces, estate sales, financial problems, foreclosures, etc. We also highly encourage our customers who list their timeshares with us for resale to be very realistic in their pricing. This again moves their property quickly. We give no "tours" of resorts. We give no "free stays". We give no "free prizes". All of these things add overhead, thus making the property cost more. We do give everyone of our customers, with few exceptions, our exclusive one-year satisfaction guarantee. You take no risk in doing business with us. And finally, we just plain tell you the truth. We sell timeshare resorts and resales world-wide. We have no allegiance to just one resort. We have no problem telling you what's good for you… and what's not. After all, it's our reputation and our word. We are well known in our industry as a leader, and we intend to stay that way.

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Tom Tubbs
Island Consulting Realty

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